Kinetec Kinevia - Active Passive Exercise Trainer


Kinetec Kinevia - Active Passive  Exercise Trainer

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    Product Description

    Kinetec Kinevia Active Passive Exercisers are primarily used in long term care, or nursing homes, or physical therapy clinics to provide early passive motion exercise to residents and patients, and to introduce them to active and active-assist exercise.

    High level of flexibility. High-quality materials. Aesthetic design. Were convinced: Exercise therapy can only be successful if you always enjoy it. When we developed the new Kinevia, we followed three principles:

    High flexibility of use:
      We designed an exercise trainer which perfectly adapts to your needs. The standard model includes a wide range of possible settings. The applications of use are virtually unlimited.

    High-quality materials:
      We only use high-quality and durable materials. The body and the foot rests are made of stainless steel and the elegant touch panel from anodised aluminum. And naturally, all elements of the Kinevia have been carefully produced and finished.

    Aesthetic design
      You will love making the Kinevia a part of your daily life. Not only does it put some movement into your everyday life, its also a real eye-catcher. Clear lines, functional design-it almost qualifies as furniture.


    Passive training: Motor drive
    A gentle passive mobilisation of your muscles and joints, for example during the warm-up phase. Spasms and tensions are gently eased and dissolved.

    Active training: Muscle strength
    Depending on what you aim to achieve, you can adjust the pedal resistance to meet your needs.

    Soft training: Motor assistance
    The motor specifically supports your exercise training. This way you can mobilise even the weakest residual muscle strength.

    Symmetry training:
    The program supports you by displaying the symmetry when training both sides of the body simultaneously. This way one-sided deficits can be corrected.


    • Large 7-inch colour display (touch panel)
    • Detailed analysis of the last ten training sessions
    • Training statistics for long-term analysis
    • Several preset training programs
    • Safety foot rest with Velcro straps
    • Adjustable pedal radius-no tools needed
    • Adjustable pedal-no tools needed
    • Safety height adjustment via grid-no tools needed
    • Stable ergonomic handle bars
    • Practical step aid for foot rests
    • Automatic anti-spastic control (ASC) and program for easing of spasticity
    • Automatic change of direction (individually adjustable)
    • Practical bottle holder
    • Operating hours counter
    • Rubber-encased wheels, mounted on ball bearings
    • 5 years warranty on all mechanical parts

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