Cambion Heel Spur Pads -Size A (Mens 2-4; Women's 4-6) Pair -


Cambion Heel Spur Pads -Size A (Mens 2-4; Women's 4-6)  Pair -

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    Product Description

    Cambion® Heel Spur Cushions


    Provides relief from heel spurs, bruised heels and plantar fasciitis. Cavity in center disperses painful heel pressure.

    About Cambion "Gel" Insoles and Heel Products

    Cambion shoe inserts provide an instant answer to foot and leg fatigue, shin splints, calcaneal heel spurs, ankle pain, dropped arches and heel strike. They are also clinically proven to reduce the incidence of lower back pain.

    Cambion® Visco-Elastic "Gel" Insoles and Heel Cushions were developed for the orthopedic market to provide superior protection from the jarring shock caused by the heel impacting hard surfaces. They absorb and dissipate the energy generated by heel strike, which can cause fatigue and cumulative trauma to the feet, legs and back. Cambion products are made from a soft polyurethane elastomer that does not bottom out. Latex-free.

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