Medline Vaso-Force Sequential DVT Pump

Medline Vaso-Force Sequential DVT Pump

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    Because of the many studies that suggest that sequential and intermittent therapy have equivalent clinical effectiveness in terms of preventing VTE, the market is beginning to gravitate towards intermittent therapy over sequential because they get the best value. Medline offers both intermittent and sequential options to suit your clinical judgement.


  • Medline offers the sequential Vaso-Force DVT prophylaxis pump to be used with our DVT garments.
  • In an analysis that combined results from 19 trials involving 2,255 patients, Roderick and colleagues reported that intermittent pneumatic compression reduced the incidence of DVT by 66% compared to controls.1
  • Features include: lightweight, durable ABS case; zip ties that secure tubing to the pump to help prevent accidental discard of multi-use tubing; easy-carry handle; built-in hook for bedside hanging; LED display; audible / visible alarm system for pressure faults and low battery power.
  • Automatically detects garment choice and sets therapy; works with one or two garments without sound alarm. 1. Roderick P, Ferris G,Wilson K et al.Towards evidence-based guidelines for the prevention of venous thromboembolism: systematic reviews of mechanical methods,oral anticoagulation, dextran and regional anesthesiaas thromboprophylaxis. Health Technol Assess. 2005;9(49). iii-iv, ix-x. 1-78
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