Ossur Form Fit Foam Ankle Brace Youth/Pony Left


Ossur Form Fit Foam Ankle Brace Youth/Pony Left

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    Product Description

    The Ossur Formfit Foam Ankle Stirrup is one of the most widely use stirrup ankle braces. Greater bulk reduction, through the use of injection molding of thermo plastic elastomers (TPE). Ossur is the only manufacturer utilizing the technology in stirrups. The foam stirrup, is virtually indestructible in demanding environment, such as, water, mud or the playing field. Most ankle stirrups are made of foams and pads. 

    The Ossur Formfit "Flex Edge" is a revolutionary technology that uses a patented overmold where the soft flexible edge is incorporated onto the hard outer shell. This effectively eliminates pressure points on the ankle and increases comfort. The Ossur Formfit Ankle Stirrup provides for medial and lateral control while allowing for normal dorsi/plantar flexion. 


    • Control swelling
    • Prevent sprains/strains
    • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
    • Decrease pain symptoms
    • Improve joint mobility
    • Improve rehab time


    • Patented 3-dimensional molded pads
    • Built-in comfort zones provide varying levels of compression and support
    • Simple to apply and adjust the brace
    • Patented "Flex Edge" feature incorporates a soft flexible edge onto a hard outer shell
    • Indicated for mild to moderate sprains, strains, post cast support and injury protection
    • New adjustable pivoting heel strap design allows for unobstructed range of motion in plantar and dorsi-flexion
    • Quicker application
    • Available in Adult or Youth/Pony

    Sizing Chart

    • Available in Adult and Youth Sizes.
    • Adult fits Men Shoe Size 7-13 and Women Shoe Size 6-12
    • Youth Size is indicated when a small size is needed.

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