Ossur Form Fit Wrist Brace 8" Large Left Black


Ossur Form Fit Wrist Brace 8" Large Left Black

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    Product Description

    The Ossur Form Fit Wrist Brace offers unsurpassed durability and adjustability. The Form Fit Wrist Brace by Ossur is the leader in wrist supports. Comfort, support and flexibility are the hallmarks of this very popular wrist support.


    • Patented Form Fit 3-dimensional molding technology allows us to vary padding thickness in strategic locations for superior comfort and fit
    • Extremely breathable Lycra-lined interior
    • Lightweight durable fabric construction
    • Contoured along distal palmar crease to allow for 90° M.P. flexion
    • Precisely sculpted narrow web space prevents pinching
    • V-notch at fifth M.P. to allow for palmar spread
    • Removable/adjustable palmar stay
    • Easy-to-use contact closure straps


    Left#Right#SizeWrist Circ.U/M
    317082 317072 XSmall 5.25-6.25" 1 ea
    317083 317073 Small 6.25-7.25" 1 ea 
    317085 317075 Medium 7.25-8" 1 ea
    317087 317077 Large  8-9" 1 ea
    317088 317078 XLarge 9-10" 1 ea
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