Lil' Angel Vest, P3 w/ Sorbatex • P3 (6-12 Years)


Lil' Angel Vest, P3 w/ Sorbatex • P3 (6-12 Years)

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    Product Description

    Lil’ Angel®

    Lil’ Angel employs Össur’s ReSolve® Halo technology — which combines a glass-composite ring with proprietary ceramic-tipped pins — to produce the industry’s only MR-safe pediatric halo system.

    Indications for Use
    • Traumatic or chronic disorders requiring traction along the cervical spine
    • Cervical spine trauma or surgery
    Product Highlights
    • MR-Safe, the ceramic pins are non-conductive and induce no dangerous current flow
    • MR images are clear and artifact-free
    • Sizes based on Broselow-Luten Color-Coding System
    • Design takes into account anthropometric measures of the pediatric patient
    • Sorbatex™ pads protect skin integrity during extended wear (also available in Kodel or Lambswool)
    • The only pediatric halo that takes into consideration the unique anatomical requirements of children at their various stages of development
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