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Ossur Unloader One OTS Plus - Long , Medial - XLarge Left

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    Product Description

    Unloader OneŽ Plus OTS

    For a variety of reasons, many sufferers of OA knee pain are overweight. For these patients, containing excess soft tissue is essential if they are to be braced effectively and comfortably. That's why our new Unloader One Plus model is equipped with a wider thigh strap than the standard version, plus a gastroc strap that helps secure the brace in place.

    Extra large support

    Bigger legs require bigger support. So, for the new Unloader One Plus model, we included a sturdier upright with an Adjustable Dynamic Joint that provides clinicians with additional leverage for optimal pain management. Multiple, peer-reviewed clinical and biomechanical studies have proven the efficacy of this technology.

    Indications for Use
    • Unicompartmental Osteoarthritis
    • May also be beneficial for unicompartmental knee conditions that require pain reduction in an affected compartment such as
      • Articular cartilage defect repair
      • Meniscal cartilage repair
      • Avascular necrosis
      • Tibia plateau fracture

    Circumference limitation
    • Thigh circumferences smaller than 13.5" (34.3 cm) or bigger than 32" (81.3cm).
    • Calf circumferences smaller than 10" (25 cm) or larger than 24" (61.5cm).

    _______Size____Thigh circ.*____Calf circ.*
    • Large____21 - 25"____14 - 16.75"
    • XLarge___25 - 32"____16.75 - 20"
    • *Standard Length = 15.5"
    • **Thigh Circumference: 6" above mid-patella
    • ***Calf Circumference: 6" below mid-patella
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