Unloader Spirit, Lateral Unloading, Right, XSmall


Unloader Spirit, Lateral Unloading, Right, XSmall

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    Product Code: os_b217520101

    Price: $600.00

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    Product Description

    Unloader Spirit is an off-the-shelf OA knee brace with customizable attributes. Its lightweight shells can be moderately adjusted for differences in patient anatomy and its Adjustable Dynamic Joint™ accommodates a wide range of varus/valgus alignments. Removable liners and trimmable straps and pads ensure comfort, while the Dynamic Force Strap, standard on all Unloader braces, enables on-the-fly adjustability in the amount of unloading force.


    • Mild to severe unicompartmental osteoarthritis
    • Unicompartmental knee conditions requiring load reduction, such as Articular Cartilage Defect Repair, Meniscal Cartilage Repair, Avascular Necrosis, or Tibia Plateau Fracture
    • Proportionate height-to-weight, moderately proportionate thigh-to-calf girth and moderate varus/valgus angulation
    • Thigh circumferences of 13.5” (34.3cm) to 26.5” (67cm) at 6” (15cm) above mid-patella
    • Low to moderate activities of daily living


    B-217510101RightMedialXSmall13.5 - 16"
    B-217610101LeftMedialXSmall13.5 - 16"
    B-217510102RightMedialSmall16 - 18"
    B-217610102LeftMedialSmall16 - 18"
    B-217510103RightMedialMedium18 - 20"
    B-217610103LeftMedialMedium18 - 20"
    B-217510104RightMedialLarge20 - 23.5"
    B-217610104LeftMedialLarge20 - 23.5"
    B-217510105RightMedialXLarge23.5 - 26.5"
    B-217610105LeftMedialXLarge23.5 - 26.5"
    Circumference: 6" above mid-patella


    Unloader Spirit - Lateral
    B-217520101RightLateralXSmall13.5 - 16"
    B-217620101LeftLateralXSmall13.5 - 16"
    B-217520102RightLateralSmall16 - 18"
    B-217620102LeftLateralSmall16 - 18"
    B-217520103RightLateralMedium18 - 20"
    B-217620103LeftLateralMedium18 - 20"
    B-217520104RightLateralLarge20 - 23.5"
    B-217620104LeftLateralLarge20 - 23.5"
    B-217520105RightLateralXLarge23.5 - 26.5"
    B-217620105LeftLateralXLarge23.5 - 26.5"
    Circumference: 6" above mid-patella


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