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C180 Rocket - Large Left

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    Product Description

    C180 Rocket

    With a condensed size and Accutrac™ hinges that are modified to more accurately track young knees, C180 Rocket provides support for children with ligament instabilities.

    Indications for Use
    • ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary and combined instabilities
    • Recommended for low to medium contact/impact
    Product Highlights
    • Carbon fiber frame is heat moldable for customized fitting by O and P professionals
    • Includes Adjustable Tibia Strap (ATS) to capture tibia
    • Patella Cup is available for additional protection
    Required Measurements
    • Caliper measurement: Medio-laterally at joint width in a standard, weight-bearing position
    • Circumference: Just below the distal border of the patella
      Size-- Caliper (cm)-- Circ. (cm)
    • Small-- 7.6 - 8.9-- 24.1 - 27.9
    • Large-- 8.3 - 9.5-- 26 - 29.8
    • X-Large-- 8.9 - 10.2-- 27.9 - 32.1
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