Ossur Form Fit Hi-Top & Low Top Walking Boot


Ossur Form Fit Hi-Top & Low Top Walking Boot

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    Product Description

    Ossur Equalizer Premium Hi Top Walker is the premier walker by Ossur. Very few companies can match the comfort and lightweight features of the Equalizer Premium Hi Top Walker. Used by orthopedists, podiatrists and physical therapists post-surgery and during rehabilitation following trauma and injury of the leg/ankle/foot.


    • Contoured strut design allows the walker frame to conform to your patients’ anatomy, ensuring a better fit
    • Unique shock absorbing sole reduces impact of heel strike during ambulation
    • Rocker bottom is specially engineered to be low and wide to help promote a natural stable gait
    • Soft tissue injuries, grade 2 and 3 sprains, or stable fractures
    • Post-operative, trauma, or rehab use

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