Miami JTO Thoracic Extension Only Adult


Miami JTO Thoracic Extension Only  Adult

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    Product Code: os_mt-900

    Price: $420.00

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    Product Description

    Miami JTO Extension

    The Miami JTO Thoracic Extension is a versatile, tool-free device with a patented chin strut that enables easy combination with any Miami J Collar to create a CTO, as well as easy removal at later stages of rehab when only a collar is needed.


    • Non-conductive, the Miami JTO is both x-ray and MR-safe
    • Patented Floating Back eliminates the Parallelogram Effect, maintaining proper patient alignment, whether sitting, standing, or lying down
    • Easily snaps on and off without any tools
    • Patented chin strut attaches easily to the Miami J Collar, eliminating the need for bars and metal uprights
    • Uncomplicated, easy-to-use design extends the benefits of the Miami J by allowing users to step up to a CTO or step down to a collar
    • Compatible with all Miami J Collar sizes, offering unequaled, one-size versatility
    • No metal parts, for a non-conductive, x-ray and MR-safe product
    • Skin-friendly Sorbatex technology
    • Suitable for waist circumference larger than 60 cm


    Indications for Use
    • Upper & Lower C-Spine disruptions
    • One level instabilities
    • Isolated compartment fracture
    • Lateral mass fracture
    • Spinous Process fracture
    • Stable Jefferson or Hangmans Fracture
    • Type I Odontoid
    • Degenerative disorders
    • Immobilization after trauma/surgery
    • Spinal Stenosis
    • Spondylolisthesis

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