NecLocŪ Kids Collar - New - 2yrs


NecLocŪ Kids Collar - New - 2yrs

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    Product Description

    NecLocŪ Kids Collar

    NecLoc Kids is the only pediatric extrication collar endorsed by the widely-accepted, Broselow-Luten Color Coding Kids Hospital System and engineered to fit the unique anatomies of patients age 12 and under.

    Indications for Use
    • Immobilization of pediatric patients under the age of 12 during emergency transport and routine patient care

    Product Highlights

    • Meets the developing anatomical requirements unique to children in order to obtain proper airway alignment and c-spine immobilization
    • Ergonomic two-piece clamshell design and retaining strap for ease of application
    • Four unique Broselow-Luten Color-Coded pediatric sizes
    • X-ray, MRI & CT transparent

    Necloc Kids Extrication Collar
    • NL-P1 Newborn - 2yrs
    • NL-P2 2 - 6yrs
    • NL-P3 6 - 12yrs
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