Techform Pre-Cut Splints


Techform Pre-Cut Splints

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    Product Description

    Techform® Pre-Cut Splints

    Developed in collaboration with orthopaedic professionals, Techform Ortho-Roll represents the first major breakthrough in orthopaedic splinting technology in decades.

    In focus groups, Techform Ortho-Roll rated from “Good” to “Excellent” in every key category, including handling, conformability, padding, water retention, dispensing method, ease-of-use, overall appearance, and overall satisfaction. Techform Ortho-Roll simply performs better.

    Product Highlights
    • Fast Setting
    • Strong
    • Highly Durable
    • Quickdry padding helps reduce the risk of skin maceration
    • Temporary positioning strap included with each box of Ortho-Roll

    Techform - Pre-Cut Splints
    • TC0212-- 2" x 12"-- 10/Box
    • TC0312-- 3" x 12"-- 10/Box
    • TC0335-- 3" x 35"-- 5/Box
    • TC0415-- 4" x 15"-- 10/Box
    • TC0430-- 4" x 30"-- 5/Box
    • TC0530-- 5" x 30"-- 10/Box
    • TC0545-- 5" x 45"-- 5/Box
    • TC0630-- 6" x 30"-- 10/Box
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