Ossur Shoulder Abduction Sling


Ossur Shoulder Abduction Sling

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    Product Description

    Ossur Shoulder Abduction Sling offers immobilization and support for mild sprains/strains of the shoulder complex. 


    The Ossur Shoulder Abduction Sling is useful in treating the following:

    • Post fracture care
    • Tendonitis/Bursitis
    • Pre/Post operative care
    • Shoulder immobilization
    • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
    • Decrease pain symptoms
    • Improve shoulder/elbow rehab




    • Provides shoulder abduction positioning with 10° support
    • Pillow portion rests on waist to support weight of arm
    • Snap-on design for easy application
    • Easy strap length adjustability
    • Breathable cotton provides a comfortable fit
    • Fits left and right

    Sizing Chart

    Size Instructions:
    Measure elbow crease to index finger fingertip
    Sizing Information: S-L
    Small up to 12.5"
    Medium 12.5-15.5"
    Large 15.5 and up"

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