Ossur Curved Finger Splints (PADDED)


Ossur Curved Finger Splints (PADDED)

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    Product Description

    Ossur's Curved Finger Splint will help support an injured finger or thumb. The Curved Finger Splints are padded to ensure comfort when propped next to the finger. 4 sizes (S, M, L, & XL) to accommodate different finger lengths.

    Indicated for transverse fractures of the phalanges. Lightweight aluminum is curved to conform to finger in semi-flexed position.


    • Used in the fractures of the phalanges where extension is required.
    • Used to immobilize the joint following dislocation.
    • Curved to conform to the finger.


    Latex Free

    Sizing Chart

    Size  Length
    Small 1.5"
    Medium 3"
    Large 6"
    X-Large 9"

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