ProSkater - Intermediate Duty Replacement Cord

ProSkater - Intermediate Duty Replacement Cord

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    Price: $53.50

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    Product Description

    This is the world's first machine which forces you to stand and balance while building strength specifically for crossovers. The Lateral Crossunder attachment allows users to build strength, power and quickness in the crossunder movement pattern. You can see this movement pattern in a variety of activities beyond skating. The ProSkater track squeezes in between the crossunder platform base holding it firmly in place.

    The ProSkater is made from heavy-duty extruded aluminum and steel. The unit comes with three levels of cords and the Double Crossunder. The unit with the crossunder weighs approximately 108 lbs and is shipped by UPS in 4 boxes. (Dimensions: 90 Triangle Shape 8 3 Base, 5 6 sides, 3 1/2 high off floor, 41 from front of the machine to the back or 10 6 long at 180)
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