PowerVertex - Wall Unit - Basic

PowerVertex - Wall Unit - Basic

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    Product Description

    PowerVertex Wall Unit Basic

    • The new wall unit is designed to economize on space.
    • Supported by a base, two legs and two small straps making the unit very secure for the heaviest workout.
    • Perform all the same exercises as with the full unit.
    • Low profile legs with attachment points permits primary leg exercises like power squats, resisted vertical jumps and various vertical lifts.
    • 5 levels of progressive resistance bands (0-75 lbs.) which can be used in combination. Choose your speed, the load, joint angles and movement patterns.
    • Offered in two models - Basic and Pro Versions.
    • Wheel chair accessible
    • A wide variety of optional accessories easily and quickly attached for additional applications and workouts.
    • Used in a single or group setting.
    • Performs 100's of exercises

      powervertex wall

      • 5 Rhino Cords (Rehab, Standard, Medium, Intermediate, and Heavy Duty)
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