Freeup Massage Cream - 16 oz - Unscented

Freeup Massage Cream - 16 oz - Unscented

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    Product Description

    Formulated exclusively for the healthcare professional, Free-Up Massage Cream is noted for its glide, lubricity, tissue perception and more:


    • Superb soft tissue medium, lets you work either surface or deep tissue
    • Great glide, promoting exquisite tissue sense to your fingers and hands
    • Excellent lubricity. Unlike oily or slick substances, does not inhibit deep tissue perception or discrimination
    • Won't ball up or dry out on the skin
    • Cost effective. Because of its slow absorption rate, Free-Up costs less than 45 cents to do a full body massage. A little goes a long way
    • Developed by a physical therapist to meet the needed criteria of a professional's massage medium
    • Safe, quality formulation. Bacteriostatic. Does not contain beeswax
    • Not available over the counter

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