Exerband Unilateral Pak Exercise Tubing - Heavy (H) - Blue


Exerband Unilateral Pak Exercise Tubing  - Heavy (H) - Blue

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    Product Description

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    Everything you need to perform strengthening exercises in the comfort of your own home.

    To use the Exerband Unilateral Tube, simply position the web strap in any door at the desired elevation for your selected exercise. Close and lock the door.

    PrePak Exerband

    Exercise Tubing Kit

    All of PrePak's tubing products utilize quality Thera-BandŽ tubing. Thera-BandŽ and associated colors are trademarks of the Hygenic corporation.


    • Pre-assembled, ready to use
    • 73" of dry natural rubber tubing is pre-cut and assembled with a single nylon handle and PrePak's deluxe web door-strap
    • The web strap can be positioned over the top or along the side of any door and has a loop for foot placement so that exercises can also be performed on the floor
    • The Exerband Pak comes complete with its own instruction book containing exercises for trunk, upper and lower extremities
    • The Unilateral Pak is available in five levels of resistance from extra light to extra heavy

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