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    Product Description

    Buoyancy assisted, supported and resisted exercises for all parts of the body. Ideas and suggestions from many professionals in different parts of the world have been included.

    This module is designed for health and fitness professionals working in hydrotherapy settings. It contains aquatic exercises that use the assistance, support or resistance of buoyancy. Strengthening and stretching exercises in this module cover all major body parts.

    Exercises are performed in water at either shoulder or waist level and can be executed in a variety of pool sizes. Aids such as a float, stick, ball etc. are used in some exercises.

    The content of this module can be sorted as follows:

    Sort 1: Shoulder, Elbow, Upper Trunk, Lower Trunk, Hip, Knee, Ankle.

    Sort 2: Flexion, Abduction/ Adduction, Horiz. Abduction/ Adduction, Extension, Abduction, Adduction, External Rotation, Internal Rotation, Adduction/ Internal Rotation, Abduction/ External Rotation, Flexion/ Extension, Internal/External Rotation, Rotation, Lateral Flexion, Plantarflexion, Dorsiflexion, Plantar/Dorsiflexion.

    Sort 3: Buoyancy assisted, Buoyancy resisted, Buoyancy supported.

    Printout languages: English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, French, Spanish

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