PhysioTools Pediatrics 1 - Musculo-skeletal


PhysioTools Pediatrics 1 - Musculo-skeletal

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    Product Description

    Mobilising, strengthening, and balance exercises, active and passive stretches for children. Advice on strapping and passive movements for babies.

    This module is designed to help the therapist create home educational and treatment programmes for children, their parents and carers. It contains common and simple exercise ideas to mobilize and strengthen the body and improve balance.

    It includes active and passive stretches for children and advice on strapping and passive movements for babies with congenital/acquired upper/lower limb problems. Also included is advice on sensory facilitation and activities.

    Sort: 1 Neck, Upper Trunk, Lower Trunk, Whole Body, Upper Limb, Lower Limb.

    Sort: 2 Flexion, Lateral Flexion, Extension, Rotation, Miscellaneous, Walking, Abduction, Elevation, Congenital/ Acquired Plantar/ Dorsiflexion, Flexor mm, Extensor mm, Adductor mm, Calf mm, Foot mm.

    Sort: 3 Mobilizing, Strengthening, Balance, Activities, Passive Stretch, Advice Note, Active Stretch, Sensory Facilitation, Taping.


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