PhysioTools Paediatric Exercises and Burn Care Advice


PhysioTools Paediatric Exercises and Burn Care Advice

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    This module is invaluable to therapists and other professionals that work with people who have burns or eczema. The drawings of children can be used by therapist to provide exercises and information to any child, with or without burns.

    It contains active and passive exercises for the whole body. It also includes advice and information notes which can be used to educate children and their carers. It explains how to treat skin problems e.g. dry skin, itching and blisters/bruises and gives information on hygiene (bathing, hair care, dressing change, care of healed areas and clothing). It contains information on how to take care of pressure garments, splints and tips on how to deal with burns in everyday living.

    Sort 1: Face, Hand, Upper Limb, Lower Limb, Neck/Trunk, Bum and Skin Care, Buts Safety, Advice Notes.

    Sort 2: Miscellaneous, Flexion, Abduction/ Adduction, Extension, Abduction, Opposition, Flexion / Extension, Horizontal Abduction/Adduction, Rotation, Radia/ Ulnar Deviation, Supination/Pronation, Positioning, Inversion/ Eversion, Lateral Flexion, Skin Problems, Hygiene, Pressure G a rme n t s , Eme r g e n c i e s , Infant/Toddler, The Preschool Child, The Schoolage Child, Teenagers, Splints, School, Home.

    Sort 3: Advice Note, Active Exercise, Passive St retch, Activities.


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