PhysioTools Thera-Band® System of Progressive Resistance™


PhysioTools Thera-Band® System of Progressive Resistance™

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    Product Description

    This module offers clinicians a variety of methods for incorporating Thera- Band Resistive Exerciser and companion products into a clinic or home therapy regimen. The exercises can be used with both in-clinic patients and outpatients of all ages, whether bedridden, confined to a wheelchair, or ambulatory.

    This module includes strengthening exercises for the whole body using Thera-Band products.

    Thera-Band is a trademark registered by The Hygienic Corporation.

    Sort 1: Scapula, Shoulder, Elbow, Forearm, Wrist, Fingers, Thumb, Upper Trunk, Respiratory, Lower Trunk, Hip, Knee, Ankle, Whole Body.

    Sort 2: Rotation, Elevation, Flexion, Extension, Abduction, Horizontal Abduction, Adduction, HorizontalAdduction, Medial Rotation, Lateral Rotation, Miscellaneous, Supination, Pronation, Radial Deviation, Ulnar Deviation, Opposition, Breathing, External Rotation, Internal Rotation, Plantarflexion, Dorsiflexion, Inversion, Eversion.

    Sort 3: Strengthening, Support, Miscellaneous.


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