PhysioTools Sports and Exercise Injuries


PhysioTools Sports and Exercise Injuries

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    Product Description

    This module has been designed for healthcare and fitness professionals working in rehabilitation of sports and exercise injuries. It consists of instructive illustrations describing the relevant anatomy, injuries as well as mechanisms of injury, and surgical procedures used for overuse, ligament and meniscus injuries.

    The illustrations limit the detail to the area of injury in question in order to provide clear and concise information to the patient. They are designed to provide visual aids when answering questions from patients or for educational purposes.

    Sort 1: Shoulder, Hand, Hip, Knee, Foot, Information, Product Information.

    Sort 2: Ligament, Muscle, Overuse/Inflammation, Meniscal tears, Internal Bleeding - Swelling, AcuteTreatment, Rehabilitation Time, Book, Preface, Author, Illustrator.

    Sort 3: Injury, Anatomy, Condition, Test, Operation, Advice Note, Infoesting Positions, Aerobic, Advice Note, Starting Positions.


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