PhysioTools Motor Activities for Children


PhysioTools Motor Activities for Children

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    Product Description

    This is an excellent resource for occupational therapists, physiotherapists and teachers to quickly design personalised programmes that support children with coordination difficulties.

    It includes activities graded from simple through to difficult. These activities can be selected from categories that include; postural control, balance, ball skills, body awareness, motor planning, crossing the midline, cutting, fine motor skills, joint stability, visual motor integration and visual processing.

    Sort 1: Postural Control, Motor Planning, Balance, Ball Skills, Body Awareness, Crossing the Midline, Cutting, Fine Motor Skills, Joint Stability, Visual Motor Integration, Visual Perception , Product Information.

    Sort 2: Lying (Supine), Lying (Prone), Walking, Rolling, Half Kneel ing, Quadruped, High Kneeling, Beam Walking, Visual Figure Ground, Visual Closure, Jumping, Wrist, Kicking, Hopping, Line Walking, Static Balance, Bounc ing, Cat ching, Target Throwing, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Cognitive, Sensory, Single Cut/Snip, Curves and Corners, Finger Isolation, G r i p S t r e n g t h , S h o u l d e r , Cons t ruc t ion, Paper, Vi sual Discr iminat ion, Visual Form Constancy, Visual Memory, Visual Spatial Skills, Hand Strength, M a n i p u l a t i o n , H a n d - e y e Coordination, Bilateral Coordination, Gross Motor Planning, Fine Motor Planning, Preface, Author.

    Sort 3: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 1-2-3, Info.


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