PhysioTools Foot and Ankle Strengthening


PhysioTools Foot and Ankle Strengthening

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    Product Description

    The module contains foot and ankle exercises including 5 levels of exercise progressions from non-weight bearing to advanced.

    It is organised into core foot movements and then specific strengthening exercises for the muscles that produce this movement. This module also contains exercise sequences, educational information as well as clinician/patient advice notes on many common foot and ankle disorders.

    It is an ideal resource for lower limb therapists.

    Sort 1: Educational Information, A n k l e Do r s i f l e x o r s , A n k l e Plantarflexors, Ankle Combinations, An k l e Pr o p r i o c e p t i o n , Fo o t Pronaters, Foot Supinators, Foot Stabilization, Toe Flexors, Toe Extensors, Toe Abductors, Toe Adductors, Product Information.

    Sort 2: Achilles Tendinopathy, Ankle Sprain, Athlete's Foot, Bunions, Corns and Callus, Diabetes, Extensor Tendinopathy, Flexor Te n d i n o p a t h y, He e l Sp u r s , Metatarsal St ress Fracture, Metatarsalgia, Morton's Neuroma, Navicular Stress Fracture, Peroneal Tendinopathy, Plantar Fasciopathy,Sesamoiditis, Severe's Heel Pain, Shin Splints, Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy, Extensor Digitorum Longus, Extensor Hallucis Longus, Tibialis Anterior, Gastrocnemius, Plantaris, Soleus, Combinations, Proprioception, Peroneal Muscles, Tibialis Posterior, Flexor Digitorum, Flexor Hallucis, Extensor Digitorum, Extensor Hallucis, Dorsal Interossei, Pl a n t a r I n t e r o s s e i , Me d i a l Longitudinal Arch, Transverse Arch, Preface, Author.

    Sort 3: Info, 1. Non Weight Bearing, 2. Resistance and Resistance Band, 3. Sitting, 4. Standing, 5. Advanced.


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