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PhysioTools Saunders Exercises Xpress - Basic Exercises

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    Product Description

    Saunders Basic Exercises by H. Duane Saunders (XP1)

    This module is H. Duane Saunders' personal selection of basic physiotherapy exercises. It includes strengthening and flexibility/stretching exercises for the back, pelvis, head, neck, foot, ankle, knee, hip, hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder and shoulder girdle. The module also contains lower trunk stabilizing exercises and some basic neural tension exercises. This comprehensive module is an ideal tool for all health care professionals. It covers most areas of general practice and is particularly useful for its large number of stretching exercises.

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    Printout languages: English, German, Spanish

    The content of this module can be sorted as follows:

    Sort 1: Face, Jaw, Neck, Scapula, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Fingers, Thumb, Upper Trunk, Lower Trunk, Pelvis, Hip, Knee, Upper Limb, Lower Limb, Foot/Ankle.

    Sort 2: Miscellaneous, Elevation, Depression, Protrusion, Medial/Lateral Deviation, Lateral Deviation, flexion, Lateral Flexion, Extension, Rotation, Retraction, Protraction, Abduction/Flexion, Abduction, Horizontal Abduction, Adduction, Horizontal Adduction, External Rotation, Internal Rotation, Abduction/External Rotation, Distraction, Flexion/Extension, Internal/External Rotation, Hyper Extension, Diagonal patterns, Circumduction, Adduction / External Rot, Elevation/Depression, Supination, Pronation, Radial Deviation, Ulnar Deviation, Opposition, Extension/ Abduction, Palmar Abduction, Radial Abduction, Breathing, Adduction/ Flexion, Plantarflexion, Dorsiflexion, Inversion, Eversion, Plantar/ Dorsiflexion, Inversion/Eversion.

    Sort 3: Mobilising, Strengthening, Stretching, Stabilising, Miscellaneous, Neural Tension

    About the Author

    H. Duane Saunders, MSPT is a clinical physical therapist and industrial consultant in back and cumulative trauma injury prevention. Mr Saunders is owner and president of The Saunders Group. He is a graduate of Kansas State University and the Mayo Foundation with degrees in Physical Therapy and Adult Education. During his 30 years of practice, he has established himself internationally in the area of back care and back injury prevention. Through published articles, books, audiovisual programs and hundreds of seminars, he has instructed thousands of patients, industrial workers, supervisors and health care practitioners in the specialized area of back care.


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