RichMar Hydra-Therm Deluxe Composite Heating Unit - Empty

RichMar Hydra-Therm Deluxe Composite Heating Unit - Empty

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    Product Code: rm_R12-D

    Price: $1,885.00

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    Product Description

    This state-of-the-art heating unit has been designed with a high temperature resistant composite tub so there are no rust issues. The low voltage control is safe, energy efficient (24 volt control system), digital, and can be adjusted to the desired set point. Additional standard features include a digital low water sensor and if levels are low the unit will not go into heat mode. Composite dividers slide out with grab handles to easily remove heat packs and make cleaning easier. You no longer need thongs since the handles are accessible above the water level. Since these dividers are separated from the heating element they cannot accidentally come in contact.
    Can hold up to 12 heat packs


    Power                          110/120 VAC - 220/240 VAC

    50/60 Hz

     Power                          HT-R12-S/HT-R12-D

    consumption               1000 Watts

     Adjustable                   120°F (49°C)

    temperature range      160°F (71°C)

     Safety thermal cut-     175°F +/- 5°F

    out temperature          (79°C +/- 3°C)

     Digital temperature     +/- 5%

    control accuracy

     Weight                         (dry)

     Standard model          70 lbs (31kg)

     Deluxe model              75 lbs (34kg)

     Water capacity            18 Gal (68L)

    (without heat packs)



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