Anatomical Model 4-Stage Vertebrae

Anatomical Model 4-Stage Vertebrae

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    Product Description

    Set of four, full size two-piece vertebrae models - one each of the following conditions: normal "bulging" herniated disc, bone and disc degeneration, and advanced osteoporosis with marked bone compression and bone spurs. Perfect for education purposes and made of durable, high quality materials. A gray, marbleized base and education card are included.

    3.25" x 3" x 3.125"


    • Number of channels 3
    • Number of dedicated High Volt channels 1
    • Interferential
    • Premodulated
    • Russian
    • Biphasic
    • High Volt
    • Microcurrent
    • Direct Current (probe only)
    • Target and Target Sweep feature for Interferential
    • Modifiable frequency ranges
    • Single, reciprocal, co-contraction modes in Russian, Biphasic
    • Selectable and customizable on/off times for High Volt, Biphasic and Russian
    • Modify pulse rate, pulse width in Biphasic, Russian
    • Microcurrent and High Volt therapy delivered with either electrodes or probes
    • Select Microcurrent and High Volt polarity (positive, negative, or bipolar)
    • Microcurrent conductance indicator
    • Electrode conductance meter
    • Direct Current delivered through MultiStim probe
    Light Therapy Features:
    • Infrared cluster probe (optional)
    • Light Pad (with Booster Box) (optional)
    • Laser point probe (optional)
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