Anatomical Model Muscled Knee

Anatomical Model Muscled Knee

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    Product Description

    Full size model with meniscus, fibular, tibial, anterior and posterior cruciate, and extended femur and patellar ligament connected to tip section of quadriceps. Perfect for education purposes and made of durable, high quality materials. A gray, marbleized base and education card are included.

    3.5" x 3" x 10"


    • Light Source: 32 super luminous 880nm diodes
      • 4 red 660nm diodes
    • Wavelengths: infrared diode 880nm
      • red diodes 660nm
    • Duty Cycle: CW, 90%, 50%, 10%
    • Power Output: 500mW (+/- 20%)
    • Dose: 6 J/cm2 (1 minute treatment)
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