Airex Coronella Exercise Mats - 72" x 23" x .6" - 3 Colors


Airex Coronella Exercise Mats - 72" x 23" x .6" - 3 Colors

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    Close Airex Coronella Exercise Mats - 72" x 23" x .6" - 3 Colors

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    Product Description

    Airex mats

    CORONELLA - Ideal for rehab clinics and outpatient physical or occupational therapy. Slightly smaller than the Corona. Available in Aqua Blue.

    The AIREX® brand name is synonymous with quality and style, and the attractive design features are guaranteed to appeal to the most image conscious individuals.


    The highly compressed smooth moulded skin guarantees durability. Speciality closed-cell foam enables the AIREX mats to retain good cushioning characteristics. They are impervious to water and extremely easy to wash and keep clean. The air-filled cells act as cushions to prevent "bottoming out" even under rigorous conditions.

    Although light-weight and easy to roll-up, the mats still offer a flat, non-slip, well-cushioned surface - a surface that won't chafe, or rub against the skin. AIREX mats insulate the body from cold surfaces and reflect body heat, helping to maintain body temperature, and they feel warm and comfortable to touch. Permanent hygiene is guaranteed through the Sanitized® process.

    Airex mats

    AIREX® gymnastic mats are the choice of professionals.


    • Warm and comfortable to touch
    • Superb cushioning
    • Light-weight and easy to roll-up
    • Hygienic through "Sanitized"-treatment
    • Hard wearing and long lasting
    • Flat, non-slip surface
    • Closed-cell structure, impervious to water
    • Easy to clean

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