Stonehaven Medical Traction Table -Balance Electric High Low Complete Traction Package


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Stonehaven Medical  Traction Table -Balance  Electric High Low  Complete  Traction Package

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    Product Description

    The stonehaven Medical Traction package comes with a Chattanooga TX Traction unit, Saunders Cervical Traction Attachement, Saunders EX On traction belts, and a flexion stool.

    Stonehaven Medical’s Balance Traction Agility Model BAL 2050 is comprised of a heavy-duty metal frame with weight capacity of 500 lbs (227 kgs) . Two of the four sections are designed to slide and can be locked in place with a friction free locking mechanism with a spring to control the proper tension required. The back and head section raise and lower. A flexion stool and traction head platform are provided and the platform is designed to mount traction devices, provided by others. An elongated breathing hole and a dual sided cushion face plug are provided. The height of the table is adjusted with hands free, foot operated levers from a minimum height of 18” (47 cm) to a maximun height of 36” (91 cm), making this ADA compliant. Four Hospital Grade casters are a standard feature at no additional expense.


    • Backup Battery (BB)
    • Foam Memory Face Pad (FMP)
    • Hand (HS) or Footswitch (FS)
    • Hydraulic Elevation Pump (HP)
    • Paper Dispenser (PD)
    • Saddle Stool (SS)
    • Safety Side Rails, 2 (SSR)

      Traction package includes:
    • Chattanooga TX traction unit
    • Saunders heavy duty pelvic and thoracic belts
    • Saunders traction attachment with clevis.


    • Gas Struts, hand lever activated, providing smooth adjustment at moveable top sections
    • Cushion width of 28” (71 cm) x length of 89” (224 cm)
    • Dual foot lever retractable heavy-duty hospital grade casters (4)
    • FDA/UL/CSA/CE listed with hospital grade electrical cord and 3-prong plug
    • ADA Compliant (see IRS, Section 44 or tax consultant regarding tax credit allowance)
    • Frame designed for patient assisted lift accessibility, for ease of patient transfer
    • Cushions secured to the heavy-duty metal frame with an integral T-Nut Bolt assembly
    • Hands free, foot operated up/down elevation levers
    • Flexion stool and traction head platform are provided

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