SiliposŪ Silopad Body Disc - 4", 2/pkg


SiliposŪ Silopad Body Disc - 4", 2/pkg

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    Product Description

    Body Discs

    • Multi-purpose discs of mineral oil gel
    • Apply to parts of the body suffering from discomfort caused by pressure and friction
    • Can be trimmed to customized size with scissors
    • Mineral oil gel moisturizes and conditions skin
    • Packaged in a polybag

    These pads are ideal for their universal use in various applications for cushioning, protection and adsorption of shear and frictional forces. Made of SiliposŪ proprietary mineral oil gel, these discs can be used to moisturize, and condition dry skin. Some ideal sports applications for these products are: in athletic shoes, boots, inline skates and ski boots and are held in place by a gauze bandage or any wrap. Great for pitchers for protecting foot drag and for skaters for Malleolar protection. Product is washable and reusable.
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