SiliposŪ Gel Corn Pads 6/pkg - Wide


SiliposŪ Gel Corn Pads 6/pkg - Wide

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    Product Description

    Gel Corn Pads

    • Helps to relieve painful corns and calluses
    • Each pad is 3cm in length and contains 2mm thick mineral oil gel pad
    • Gel pad allows for custom placement
    • Packaged in a polybag

    A soft, comfortable and stretchable slip-on device half-coated with SiliposŪ proprietary gel. The gel releases a high grade mineral oil onto the hard skin to help soften and remove corns in a most comfortable way. It is ideal to help relieve pain on a toe or finger affected by corns, blebs, blisters, hammertoes, calluses and digital traumas. This product is washable and reusable.
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