Shuttle MVP Pro Package-Closed Chain Plyometric Exercise Training Sled


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Shuttle MVP Pro Package-Closed Chain Plyometric  Exercise Training Sled

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    Close Shuttle MVP Pro Package-Closed Chain Plyometric  Exercise Training Sled

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    Product Description

    Oversize Padded Kickplate

    Oversized for a variety of foot placements and padded for joint protection. Capable of handling forces well over 500 pounds. Padded kickplate surface is also replaceable for continued protection.

    PowerGlide Backrest

    Utilizes patented Horizontal Rebounding Technology which reduces the energy requirement for body blood flow while providing a soft, virtually noiseless stop to reduce body impact.

    Head End Elasticord Loading

    Elasticords engage at head end of MVP – available on all Shuttle MVP models - for easy access and extended elasticord life. Adding or subtracting resistance is simple and quick.

    4° Angle of Tilt

    Tilt approximates natural body lean that occurs during running and jumping. When no elasticords are engaged, tilt provides near weightless experience approximating 10% of user’s body weight.

    Dual Density Headrest

    Soft foam center for comfort and semi-rigid foam side panels for shoulder stabilization. Detachable velcro headrest permits adjustments along full length of carriage to accommodate users of all heights.

    Range of Motion Control

    Select ankle, knee and hip flexion by adjusting carriage placement in relation to kickplate. Move bar at the head-end stand to adjust flexion and Range of Motion.


    • PowerGlide Backrest
    • 24" X 30" Adjustable Padded Kickplate
    • Pelvic Stabilization Handles
    • Adjustable Dual-density Headrest
    • Multi-Use Lateral Handles
    • Backrest Extension Pad
    • Range of Motion Control

    To learn more about the Shuttle MVP Click Here


    • Resistance: 12 to 500 lbs. at full extension
    • Size: 34” wide x 109” long
    • Machine Weight: 200 lbs.
    • Carriage Capacity: 500 lbs.
    • Structural Warranty: Five years

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