Shuttle Mini Press for Closed Chain Exercise that is Portable


Shuttle Mini Press for Closed Chain Exercise that is Portable

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    Close Shuttle Mini Press for Closed Chain Exercise that is Portable

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    Product Description

    Resistance Elasticords

    Each black elasticord provides ~7 lbs. starting resistance, the red elasticord provides ~2 lbs. starting resistance. Thus, the MiniPress gives you as little as 2 lbs. of resistance for the deconditioned patient and up to 80-90 lbs. at full extension for the highly mobile patient.

    Roller Wheels

    A convenient handle at one end and the polyurethane wheels at the other provide for smooth transportation. And weighing in under 15 pounds, the MiniPress is extremely mobile. Zip it around the clinic, the hospital or the home.

    Accurate Tracking

    The Distance Indicator Strips located on both rails allow you or the user to measure and document the exercise distance traveled. Distance is measured from the leading edge of the carriage and the numbers indicate the distance the carriage has moved.

    Foot Support Strap

    Secure your patients foot to the foot plate using the Velcro® support strap.

    Adjustable Footplate

    Adjustable from horizontal to 75 degrees of angle, you can help your patient achieve various degrees of flexion. The nylon security strap can be used to secure the hand or foot – or as a heel cup in exercising patient hamstrings.

    Self Retracting Securing Cords

    You can attach these cords to a treatment table, bed, chair legs, or wheelchair structure to provide further stabilization. When the patient is done with their exercise, simply unhook the cords and they retract conveniently into their receptacles.

    Convenient Handle

    Wheel or carry the MiniPress wherever you want. You can stow it or stand it in a corner. The MiniPress is a big workhorse with a very small footprint.


    • Adjustable Footplate
    • Accurate Tracking
    • Self Retracting Securing Cords
    • Roller Wheels
    • Convenient Handle

    Introduction to the Shuttle Mini Press

    To learn more about the Shuttle Mini Press Click Here

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