Thera-Band Hand Roller Massager - Portable Version-For Self Massage


Thera-Band Hand Roller Massager - Portable Version-For Self Massage

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    Product Description

    The Thera-Band® Roller Massager+ is an innovative tool for myofascial release and deep tissue massage. Its unique patent-pending ridged design supports both superficial and deep tissue mobilization while providing a massage-like experience.

    Meanwhile, the roller massager handles were designed to facilitate trigger point release. Use of the Roller Massager+ can help increase blood flow and circulation in targeted areas, while also helping to increase muscle flexibility and range of motion.

    Available in a Standard version that’s great for use in-clinic and at home, plus a Portable version with patent-pending retractable handles that’s perfect for travel and on-the-go applications. All Thera-Band Roller Massagers are individually packaged with detailed instructions featuring general techniques and advanced exercises divided by muscle region. They are constructed with durable latex-free thermoplastic material for extended life and easy cleaning. Thera-Band Roller Massagers can be used in-clinic, as a part of a home exercise program or patient/client self-initiated wellness routine.



    • Made with latex-free thermoplastic material
    • Easy to clean
    • Includes instructions with general techniques and advanced exercises
    • Patent-pending ridged design
    • The Standard Model is 21 inches overall length, with a roller length of 9.5 inches.
    • The Portable Model is 19 inches when fully extended, and retracts to 12 inches.

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