Thera-Band Tubing with Hard PVC Handles - 48" Thin Yellow


Thera-Band Tubing with Hard PVC Handles - 48" Thin Yellow

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    Product Description

    Thera-Band tubing with attached handles is endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association, and utilizes the recognized Thera-Band system of progression and familiar colors pioneered over 30 years ago. The system of progression provides for consistent increases in resistance level to offer a measurable means of tracking progress.

    Each natural rubber tube supplied in Yellow, Red, and Green resistance levels is 48” long, while those supplied in Blue, Black, and Silver resistance levels are 50” long. The tubes are provided with hard PVC handles, and exercise routines are provided at the site.

    Use of the Thera-Band system of bands and tubing assures consistent and familiar resistance levels and assurance of professional grade quality.


    • Exercise & strengthen muscles
    • Increase motion and improve conditioning
    • Improves strength, range of motion, and flexibility
    • Simple to use, portable product that works in the clinic, the gym, at home or on the road
    • Allows users to recognize improvement as it happens
    • As you grow stronger you can move up to the next color


    Thin Yellow Tubes are the second of eight levels of resistance and are great for rehabilitation or beginning an exercise program, they offer 3.0 lbs. resistance and 25% increase from preceding color at 100% elongation, and 4.3 lbs. at 200%

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