Total Gym Power Tower Closed Chain Plyometric Exercise System


Total Gym Power Tower Closed Chain Plyometric Exercise System

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    Product Description

    Total Gym Power Tower recreates and strengthens the way your body executes daily physical activities and stores those functions in your muscle memory. Delivering the optimum functional training experience, Total Gym PowerTower works multiple muscle groups together challenging proprioception and core stabilizers by integrating multi-plane movement and unrestricted range of motion in nearly every exercise. This allows you to train more productively. The result is full-body conditioning though the fitness continuum from early post-injury to high performance training.

    The incline plane design with incremental calibrated load adjustment, rolling glideboard and dynamic arm cable system makes it easy to begin at the user’s ability level, and allows the exercise specialist to create goal specific training.

    Yielding outstanding results at every level—for the beginning exerciser to the elite athlete, Total Gym serves more than 24 million commercial customers every year with excellence in product design and functionality. The Total Gym brand is trusted to deliver the desired results.

    Benefits for the individual exerciser:Training applications and biomechanics:
    • Short, efficient, full-body workout producing fast, observable, body-changing results
    • Body sculpting – recruits core abdominal and back muscles in every exercise
    • Increased strength and endurance
    • Improved coordination and balance
    • Weight and inch loss, improved BMI
    • Increased metabolism
    • Enhanced functional performance of daily activities and athleticism
    • Cardio-endurance gains during resistance training
    • Low impact, safe, complete back support
    • Closed-chain partial loading of the joints
    • Work in all three cardinal planes plus multi-plane (3-D) movement
    • Unrestricted range of motion
    • Adjust cable-pulley force angles based on client size, girth, and training objective
    • Train prime stabilizers & proprioception
    • Activity-specific work hardening, including sports-specific movement
    • Explosive plyometric training for upper & lower extremities
    • Full body support, joint friendly, non-compressive
    • Over 200 exercises & variations
    • Pilates evolved training & education
    • Reliable tool for assessing lower body strength
    • Full spectrum of training DVDs available


    • Remote control handles allow touch-control level adjustments while exercising
    • Adjustable glide board promotes optimal spinal alignment and training variations.
    • Automatic rail locks allow for explosive plyometric jumping.
    • Multiple center-pulley attachment points double arm-cable load and increase lower extremity ROM.
    • LAT bars promote line-of-pull specificity for arm-cable exercises.
    • Includes workout DVD.
    • More than 200 exercises and variations from resistance training to Pilates.
    • Resistance - 1% to 72% of body weight.


    • Unfolded: 107” x 38” x 78” [L/W/H] (2.7 m x 1.0 m x 2.0 m)
    • Folded: 20” x 38” x 65” [L/W/H] (.5 m x 1.0. m x 1.7 m)
    • Frame & Rail Construction: Anodized Aluminum Rails with all connections reinforce by steel or forged aluminum
    • Unit Weight: 218 lbs (99 Kg)
    • Electrical: 115~230 VAC 50~60 Hz
    • Board Upholstery: Glideboard - Heavy duty, Two tone design, box stitched, tear resistant vinyl
    • Foam Padding: 1 1/2" (4 cm) high rebound, high density foam.
    • Resistance Levels: 26 calibrated incline levels, with infinite adjustment between levels. 1% - 72% bodyweight.
    • Storage Capabilities: Hydraulic lift assists folding. Folds and stores upright. Rolls in hand-truck fashion.
    • Included Equipment: 7 position Adjustable Glideboard; Dynamic [unilateral/bilateral] Pulley System; Multi-point pulley attachment to tower; Motor & Rocker Switch with dual handle remote control level adjustments; soft grip LAT Bars with 7 pulley positions; Folding Foot Holder; Telescoping Squat Stand with 3 height positions and folding platform
    • Rolling Range: 40" ( 1.0 meters)
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