White Splinting Material, 12" x 18" One Sheet

White Splinting Material, 12" x 18" One Sheet

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    Product Code: thermo_rebounds_650596

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    Product Description

    Rebound splinting materials provide the following characteristics and configurations:

    • "Rebounds" with 100% elastic memory
    • Transparent when reaching proper molding temperature of 160° F (70° C). Provides assistance with proper placement of splint to avoid pressure areas. Upon cooling, the material will return to its original white color (Not applicable to color products)
    • Rebound: the only coated / treated elastic splinting material that does not stick when heated
    • Reheat and remold with ease due to the 100% elastic type memory
    • Instant bonding
    • Three thicknesses - 1/16", 3/32" and 1/8"
    • Perforations provide varying degrees of ventilation and weight
    Pull and pinch method assists with the fabrication of splint. No requirement for that extra set of hands. Upon cooling, material will pop apart and can be trimmed. No requirement necessary to refinish edges. Material self-seals when cut in a warm state.

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