Phoenix Wrist Unit for Hand Therapy

Phoenix Wrist Unit for Hand Therapy

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    Product Code: thermo_wrist_651090

    Price: $56.95

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    Product Description

    Dynamic extension splinting of wrist flexion contractures is made more comfortable and stable with the Phoenix Wrist Unit. The component is attached to a thermoplastic forearm gauntlet and palmar cuff (sold separately).
    • Low profile design and light weight
    • Subtle radial-ulnar deviation allowed by the suspended cuff
    • Mechanically balances traction forces to eliminate (in range of -30 - +30 degress) or markedly reduce (> 30 degrees) distal shift of the forearm splint
    • One wrist hinge with moveable collars
    • Three thumb nuts
    • Ten adjustable nylon fasteners

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