Uni-Patch - S-Series - Silver Starburst Electrotherapy Electrodes - 2" Round Single pack of 4


Uni-Patch - S-Series  - Silver Starburst Electrotherapy Electrodes - 2" Round Single pack of 4

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    Product Description

    Electrotherapy electrodes are used at home with a TENS, Muscle Stim, IFC or in a clinical setting with an electrotherapy stimulation machine to provide pain relief. The electrodes are placed directly on the skin and are used to deliver a current to a specific area of the body as an alternative to pain medication. These electrodes or “sticky pads” are easy to remove and when stored properly can be re-used for several treatments. Many therapist recommend electrotherapy to help manage and treat pain related to fibromyalgia, sciatica, TMJ, chronic back pain, bursitis, radiculopathy and more.

    The Starburst stimulating electrode design incorporates a patented multi-layer gradient pattern providing the most advanced current distribution system available. This unique gradient pattern is made of pure silver, known as a superior conductive material and optimal for stimulating electrodes. The new aloe vera hydrogel has passed rigorous hypoallergenicity testing and provides superior adhesion after multiple uses.


    Incorporates a highly conductive silver ink printed in a patented gradient starburst pattern on a conductive carbon film base Evenly controls the flow of electrical current over the entire surface of the electrode.
    An exclusive hypoallergenic hydrogel formulated with pure aloe vera gel Provides superior adherence even after multiple uses, and offers hydrating properties and natural moisturizing effects.
    A thick hydrogel layer Further promotes superior skin adherence, assuring the patient will receive comfortable treatments throughout the life of the electrode.
    A tinted double-coated storage liner Simplifies removal and storage. Both sides are also gel friendly, so electrodes can be stored on either side.
    Uses a copper-tin lead wire For proven flexibility and durability.
    Soft molded lead wire connectors Provide superior comfort and adaptation to variations in mating pin size.
    Efficient conductivity with low electrode impedance Promotes safer treatment for the patient and improves battery life.


    2" Round 40/Case Single Pack of 4 Electrodes

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