Pediatric Functional - Computer Exercise Database*

Pediatric Functional - Computer Exercise Database*

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    Provides an integrated, holistic approach to meeting each childís individual needs in home, school and clinic settings. Itís specifically designed for working with developmental ages 3 to 18 years.

    * This is an exercise database for use with PC-Kits.To use this database you must purchase or currently own PC-Kits.


    265 Professionally
    Illustrated Instructional Cards
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Developmental Skills
  • Range of Motion
  • Sensorimotor
  • Strengthening

    Now you can...
  • Demonstrate critical body positioning for child and therapist. Show patients and caregivers the "DOs and DONíTs" in a clear, easy-to-follow manner.
  • Teach about the "tools" children need to develop independence Ė including using proper transfer techniques, practicing proper Activities of Daily Living, safely using wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and other equipment, and much more.
  • Provide classroom management strategies for positioning, tactile defensiveness, and other common situations.
  • Include tips for developing a childís pre-writing and hand coordination skills (including vestibular, proprioception, and tactile skills development) using a sensory integration approach that incorporates age-appropriate activities.
  • Feature techniques for the development of strength, flexibility, and endurance through a variety of functional activities and exercises.
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