Whitehall P Series Podiatry Whirlpool Stationary

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Whitehall P Series Podiatry Whirlpool Stationary

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    Product Code: wh_P-10-S

    Price: $5,438.33

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    Product Description

    Specialized Podiatry Whirlpools provide the ultimate in hydrotherapy treatment for the foot and ankle areas. The powerful yet quiet 1/2 horsepower turbine motor creates a soothing, cleansing and relaxing treatment for the patient that aids in rehabilitation. This option provides a standard stationary unit.
    For use on lower calf, foot



    Model: P-10-S
    Material :  Stainless Steel
    Legacy Model :  JO-125
    Appropriate for :  Podiatry , Hand Therapy , Athletic Trainer , Physical Therapy , Occupational Therapy , Chiropractic , Long Term Care
    Capacity in Liquid Volume :  10 gallons
    Body Treatment Location(s) :  leg calf
    Internal Length :  22"
    Internal Width :  13"
    Internal Depth :  12"
    Certification(s) :  MET , CE




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