Anatomical Chart Prenatal Development - Laminated


Anatomical Chart Prenatal Development  - Laminated

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    Product Description

    Perfect for students and patients, this easy-to-understand chart provides a visual overview prenatal development from fertilization through the 3rd trimester of development. Shows and describes the fertilization and implantation process. Provides illustrations of the developing embryo and fetus for each period of time. Lists average length (in inches and centimeters) during those time periods and notes some key milestones such as the when the baby begins kicking and when women begin to “show.”

    This chart also graphically represents time periods of sensitivity for major and minor birth defects for the central nervous system and key organs and structures. At the bottom of the chart you will find a key message in regard to the importance of the mother’s health to the baby’s health, counseling them to eat health foods, take folic acid, exercise wisely and to stay away from harmful substances.

    Poster Sizes and Materials:
    Laminated: 20” X 26”, offers flexibility, durability, and metal eyelets at top corners for handing or portable-stand display. "Write-on, wipe-off" surface is perfect for classrooms and offices.
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