Anatomical Chart Understanding Leukemia - Laminated


Anatomical Chart Understanding Leukemia  - Laminated

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    Product Description

    This patient-friendly chart defines leukemia and shows four types of acute and chronic leukemia. Briefly describes the causes and risk factors. Lists signs and symptoms for each type of leukemia and the age of population that is most affected by the disease. Describes and shows blood cell development and discusses the function of blood.

    Provides details on treatment options for each of the 4 types of leukemia. Describes allogeneic stem cell transplantation (SCT) and illustrates bone marrow biopsy.

    Poster Sizes and Materials:
    Laminated: 20 X 26, offers flexibility, durability, and metal eyelets at top corners for handing or portable-stand display. "Write-on, wipe-off" surface is perfect for classrooms and offices.
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