Anatomical Chart Classic Sexless Torso


Anatomical Chart Classic Sexless Torso

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    Product Description

    An affordable priced torso that includes all of the features necessary to demonstrate basic anatomy. This life-size torso separates into 14-parts including: 3-part head, 2 lungs with rib anatomy, 2-part heart, stomach, liver with gallbladder, intestines, (small and large), one-half kidney and one-half bladder. Mounted on a base, teaching guide with CD-ROM included. Size: 36" tall.


    This life-size torso model separates into 14-parts including:
    • 3 part head
    • 2 lungs with rib anatomy
    • 2 part heart
    • stomach
    • Liver with gallbladder
    • Intestines (small and large)
    • One-half kidney
    • One-half bladder.


    Size: 26" x 15" x 10"
    Weight: 13 lbs
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