Anatomical Chart Muscles of the Arm Model (left)


Anatomical Chart Muscles of the Arm Model (left)

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    Product Description

    This 3/4 life size muscled arm model illustrates both the superficial and deeper muscles as well as the tendons, vessels, nerves and bone components of the left arm and shoulder. Five of the top layers of muscles are removable to reveal blood vessels and nerves. Parts are numbered on muscled arm for easy identification in corresponding key. Dissects into 6 parts. Includes key with 77 numbered structures. May be removed from base.
    Size: 24" long. 3B Scientific GmbH.


    The following muscles can be detached in this life-size muscular arm model:

    • Deltoid muscles
    • Biceps muscle of arm
    • Triceps muscle of arm
    • Long palmar muscle with radial flexor muscle of wrist
    • Brachioradial muscle with radial extensor muscle of wrist
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